Acoustic Fabric panels

Find acoustic panels for every purpose and every budget at Top Surface!

In recent years, acoustic panels have grown in popularity, and it’s simple to understand why. Acoustic fabric panels successfully decrease, rectify, or absorb noise pollution in a variety of settings, including restaurants, conference rooms, gym facilities, manufacturing facilities, veterinary offices, hotels and bars, movie theatres, and more.


You may get any type of acoustic panel that fits your budget and needs at Top Surface. Our acoustic wall panels are high-performance solutions that are used in any space to minimize ambient noise and reverberation. They are available in different colors and thicknesses and may be mounted directly on a wall or ceiling. They come in a variety of colors, surface patterns, and thicknesses to suit your needs. These acoustic panels are suitable for both public and private spaces.


Let’s find out the variety of acoustic panels we have:


Polyester foam acoustic panels: Alternatives to other forms of noise reduction solutions include these foam panels, which are lightweight and fiber-free. These panels may be used to absorb echo sound in homes, auditoriums, and a variety of other settings where environmentally-friendly sound absorption is necessary.


Wooden acoustic panels: Genuine European wood acoustical panels that are unique, durable, and beautifully designed to beautify your wall and ceiling panels are available from us. In terms of architectural elements, the appearance, feel of these panels, and the materials, are superb.


Fabric acoustic panels: You may get the advantages of a professional-grade acoustic solution with Top-Surface cloth panels. The panels are simple to attach to a wall or ceiling, so you don’t have to stress about a lengthy setup process. For longevity and simplicity of maintenance, these panels are comprised of high-quality fiber.


Finding the correct equipment is difficult. To meet all of your needs, whether personal, professional, or business-related. That is, until now. With us, you may discover the right acoustic demands thanks to the top surface. We are one of the most reputable acoustic manufacturers on the market. Recording studio acoustics, home theatre acoustics, auditorium acoustics, floor acoustics, ceiling acoustics, wall acoustics, and many more applications benefit from the top surface.

At Top surface, you will have a whole set of new experiences with world-class quality acoustic ceiling panels and wall panels. There is no better choice than Top Surface acoustic panels if you want a soundproof room that also blends in with your decor.

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