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If your next project is fueled by passion, the zeal for innovation or simply a desire for change, your floor will be one of the first items on your checklist. It is figuratively the basis of your indoors. With this in mind, TOP SURFACE brings you the best products and solutions in hardwood floorings from premium European styles and unyielding quality assurance.

When thinking about investing in a new floor, people face a choice between different kinds of hardwood floorings. Prized for their natural beauty, our hardwood floors come in numerous colors and styles to help you transform your home, office, restaurant, hotel, boutique, farm-house or any other residential of commercial establishment. TOP SURFACE is a provider of the finest imported and exotic hardwood flooring solutions which gives durability you can depend on for a lifetime. We, at TOP SURFACE, provide a variety of hardwood floorings like solid wooden flooring, engineered wooden flooring, laminated wooden flooring & sports wooden flooring. TOP SURFACE has a vision of creating a perfect flooring solution for our customers.

TOP SURFACE is a leading flooring provider in Dubai, and the rest of GCC countries offering a wide selection of flooring to our customers. We provide a vast range of good high quality floorings at affordable prices and you will definitely find what you need at TOP SURFACE. We supply a wide range of flooring products, and have assisted many clients to find the best flooringfor their indoors.

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Solid wood flooring does not get dusty. It has some unique features such as stain and scratch resistance. Solid wood provides natural warmth making it suitable for indoors. It is easy to maintain and clean. TOP SURFACE’s solid wood range offers woods in its natural colors and species giving you a wide collection of wooden floors for your dream home!


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Engineered wood flooring is even more versatile representing all the traditional aesthetics of solid hardwood, with an innovation in designs. TOP SURFACE allows you to install your chosen color, cut, finish and surface texture in the engineered hardwood. The product allows easy maintenance and is ideally suited for a house and office. The way it is constructed makes engineered wood flooring less prone to changes caused by a room’s temperature or humidity.


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Laminated wooden flooring, a floor that combines design and long-lasting durability like no other. These are made to withstand years of use and still look beautiful. Laminate flooring allows you to enjoy a wood-like floor. It is the best option for someone wanting a durable floor for a fraction of the price and installation time of a hardwood floor, but with the attractiveness of real hardwood. Laminate flooring is easy to maintain as it doesn’t require any detergents, abrasive cleaner or polishes. Browse our laminate flooring collections and choose the latest laminate colors, styles and textures featuring complete waterproof protection on select floors. Fulfil your dream floor designs with us.

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TOP SURFACE is a leading indoor sports flooring provider. Our sports flooring is used for many kinds of indoor sports flooring around the world. We deliver a wide range of sports wooden surfaces with uncompromising quality standards. We install your sports wooden floors that stay for life and help you maintain it too.

We, at TOP SURFACE, take the lead initiative when it comes to supplying hardwood flooring in Dubai, for parquet flooring needs.

When you are getting your office/ home ready or renovating it for a make-over, try our hardwood interior facilities that not only possess the benefits of longevity and protection, but also add new charm and charismatic appeal to your home.

When the flooring needs to be attractive, install the geometric designs form a nice pattern in the rich wood outlay. One such practice is the use of hardwood flooring. Such flooring is also called parquet flooring and these wooden tiles are called parquet wood tiles.

TOP SURFACE brings an extensive range of hardwood floors that become a great replacement for marble or ceramic tiles. All of our tile varieties have been approved by experts for their hard-wearing and sturdy nature. The hardwood flooring is preferred for spaces with more activity and higher foot-fall on the flooring. Areas like children’s rooms, kitchen and dining areas that are more prone to such continuous activities, hence, need to have hardwood flooring installed there. For areas with lesser activities like the study or the living area, can do with comparatively finer version of hardwood to maintain the aesthetic appeal but with lower costs. Even with these preferences there are no thumb rules however, with our expert installers at TOP SURFACE, you can always expect correct guidance in terms of what to choose and how to choose for any hardwood flooring installation.

Engineered hardwood flooring is the processed version of a regular hardwood flooring made by binding together one or more different layers of wooden material. The processing helps eliminate some of the misdemeanors of natural hardwood flooring while making it sturdier and more durable. Engineered hardwood flooring cost in Dubai is very competitive, thanks to TOP SURFACE supplied premium range of products at affordable prices and it can get more economical for you with our new innovations and solutions.

Enjoy the warmth and beauty of hardwood floors. You can select from our wide range of hardwood flooring options which are suitable and tested for our every climate.

We have supplied and installed thousands of wooden floors, both in residential and commercial properties. Contact us to get more Info on Hardwood Flooring .

Hardwood Flooring, by definition, is any flooring product manufacture from timber. It is basically wood, designed structurally and aesthetically to serve as flooring material. Wood is a common choice as a flooring material due to its benign environmental profile, durability and restorability.

Hardwood comes from dicotyledonous angiosperm trees, which are located in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The flooring wood is supplied by milling the planks from a single piece of timber. Hardwood floors supplied by TOP SURFACE are very popular and common in Dubai, as these have a thicker wear surface and have a multitude of other advantages. They add warmth and beauty to any space. Hardwood floor substantially enhances the value of your home. Hardwood improves with age as it goes on acquiring grace, hence is one of the longest lasting flooring solutions that TOP SURFACE installs for its projects.

A good quality hardwood floor could come with a higher price tag, but it is inversely proportionate to the cost of maintenance; and at TOPSURFACE, we put before you, the idea of a new age flooring, at the most genuine pricing so as to add stars to your installations.

We are committed by our mission to provide you flooring solutions par excellence which not only help you to make better choices but also make you proud when your family, friends and yourself appreciate it even years after. Our solutions are not limited to mere display of options but also include end to end supply and installation; we make sure you have the apt guidance, the perfect material and satisfactory service from our end.

The advancements in the processing techniques are yielding innovative variations like Engineered hardwood floorings, which are more resilient and cost much lower. Engineered hardwood flooring is also considered to be comparatively eco-friendlier due to lesser use of natural wood. At TOPSURFACE, there are many shades and varieties available in this flooring category for you to pick and choose from.

It is also another solution for home owners who want to have high-end and international looks for their homes. It is highly durable and is able to withstand intense variations of moisture and temperature fluctuations. Engineered hardwood flooring costs depends on the quality and thickness of the plank. But TOPSURFACE supplied engineered hardwood brings you complete peace of mind at the most reasonable prices.

Without a doubt, our hardwood floors evoke the timeless elegance of traditional solid wood flooring, but in an environmentally responsible way. Among other benefits of this floor, one is that it is more stable than solid wood floors; two it is extremely useful and provides a perfect fit every time, so you don’t have to worry about contraction or expansion over the years. We at TOPSURFACE have a wide variety of widths, grades and colors, thus providing you complete control over the final look of your floor.