Acoustic Panels

Maintain a healthy working environment with noise reduction solutions!

In the era of a pandemic or even post-pandemic, a large number of individuals work from home. Without any doubt, this has become the new normal for everyone. Working remotely, however, does not make life any easier. You can’t work in a homey setting; offices are built for that. Coming straight to the point, noise is the major factor that has affected everyone’s life while working remotely. However, the solution is not without its drawbacks; today, Top Surface’s acoustic panels can provide you with a healthy and quiet working atmosphere similar to that of your office.


The majority of our time now we spent inside. Indoor comfort, in the manner of appropriate sound and heat insulation, air quality, and so on, is a critical factor in assuring the quality of life and well-being. People in these environments may notice or perhaps suffer long-term discomfort if any of these characteristics are not up to par. If everything is OK, on the other side, they will feel lively, energetic, and anxious to get to work.


Health and comfort start with the selection of material:


Before you start working remotely, you should consider interior comfort. In the case of acoustic insulation, the material used is crucial. It is critical that the materials be of the highest possible quality, that they are affordable, simple to construct, provide superior noise control, are healthful, and meet current criteria.


At Top Surface, you will get everything you need as per your acoustic requirements. Finding the correct equipment is difficult. To meet all of your needs, whether personal, professional, or business-related. That is, until now. With our top surface, you may obtain the perfect acoustic requirements. We believe in a dynamic company as a key acoustic provider. As a result, we tend to concentrate on becoming the best acoustic providers. Not just particular acoustics but all of them.


A study by global floor manufacturers reported that noise negatively affects 69% of the workforce worldwide, reducing concentration levels, potency, and creativity. Good acoustics eliminate distracting background noises, giving workers the atmosphere they need to execute their everyday activities comfortably and on schedule.

More than just providing the best acoustics to let you work comfortably at home we also offer different acoustic options. As a result, you won’t have to look for answers elsewhere. And be concerned about a variety of technological difficulties. We provide you with situational and all types of acoustics products like acoustic felt panels, wooden acoustic panels, acoustic fabric panels, and many more.

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