Acoustics for Home theatres and commercial theatre spaces are generally a very tedious work to achieve, hence we recommend you TOP SURFACE sourced solutions well known for Theaters, Home theatres, Restaurants, Auditoriums and Studies. Acoustic Solutions  not only provide the largest selection of high quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices, but provide customers with a professional design to help you achieve a quality acoustic space and total peace of mind.

TOP SURFACE is a pioneer and leading supplier of sound absorbing products and materials for Home Theater applications. Our products consist of acoustic wall panels, wall and acoustic ceiling covering solutions and sound absorbing design objects to enhance the sound clarity as well as design of the architecture. With over 3 decades of experience, we continue to provide acoustic comfort solutions for offices, libraries, restaurants, recording studios, Theatre, Home Theatre, auditorium, etc.,

The product range offered includes Fabric & Wooden Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling, False Ceiling

We are committed to provide excellent craftsmanship, exceptional product selection and customer contentment all at competitive prices. We provide you acoustic ceiling ,  soundproof wall panels that give you sound proofing services that absorb echo, reduce noise, reverberation sounds within the space and restore a room to premium sound quality. They are robust, custom cut to any size, easy to self-install, and available in multiple color options.

Music room;

TOP SURFACE: the all in one acoustics suppliers

If you are looking for best acoustic suppliers, then Top Surface UAE is your ultimate hometheater acousticsolution provider. Not only this we are alsothe best home theater acoustic supplier in the UAE. Along with that Top Surface is also a pro in installation of home theater acoustic. Or product and services for acoustic business at Top Surface are reviewed to be the best.

Home theater acoustic

Home theater acoustics are among one of the most critical gadgets cum machines. The quality maters in lot of ways: be it technical, affordable of easily functional. We take care of all aspects keeping n mind the comfort of our customers. In other way, Top surface ensure the quality to sustain in market and form loyal customers.
Hence the home theater acoustics supplied by top surfaceare not just pocket friendly and user friendly. But also quality friendly, to give you a whole new experience of home theater acoustics. It is our basic mission to ensure the reliability of our customers towards us. Top Surface aims to be one of the top most suppliers of home theater acoustics in the world. And apparently we have achieved to be among thebest home theater suppliers in UAE and overseas as well. We are there to cater the whole variety of home theater acoustics products to our customers. Let us serve you with top class quality and most affordable home theater acoustics.

Home theater acoustic suppliers

There is no doubt that there are various suppliers available in the market. We also thrive in the competition. But top surface has total faith. To be proven as the best home theater acoustic suppliers in the world. We supply the cost effective home theater acoustics to our customers. So that they enjoy all the benefits of home theater supplies at top surface.

Home theater acoustic installers

It can be a cake walk to buy a good home theater acoustic. But the next step can be crucial. Installation of such objects can bea painful and stressful process, if you are unknown to various aspects.
Not to worry, Top surface brings you the best home theater acoustics installation services. Come to us and we will resolve all your queries and requirements.Thus, we support you not just as a supplier but also as an installer, of home theater acoustics.
Recliners and sofa chairs can be found on general. But the specific that made these products extra comforting or extra ordinary cannot be found everywhere. But TOP SURFACE has always made sure your comfort. Thus, we bring out the most comforting and fascinating recliners sofas and chairs.
This way we serve you with finest quality of comfort. Recliners sofas and chair make your auditorium a complete package. Where all you got to do is. Take a seat and enjoy the show. These recliner chairs andsofas at TOP SURFACE are designed in way. These recliners chairs and sofas are available in whole set of variety that too at a very affordable price. Right from supplying till delivering and installing hem. TOP SURFACE is there for emphasizing on maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, we bring out the best in you, by serving you with the best of products. Be it auditorium acoustics or recliners chairs and sofas. We have always intense to make every product well versed for you.
So, what are you waiting for? Reach us and help us serve you finest quality products. So that we can achieve our aim of providing most suitable auditorium acoustics and recliners chairs and sofas for you.

The home theater solution providers

No product is perfectly understood in a single attempt, by any customer. Especially, when the product is technically complicated, in this case there can be various queries from customer. Be it a pre purchase query for home theater acoustics or post purchase query. In that caseis necessary to ensure the immediate solution is provide to the customer.
Top surface ensures to provide the exact solutions for your all problems. We have mastered the art of providing solutions in case of home theater acoustics. So that you do not have an issue whiles the usage of product. In this waywe create a better option for you to use home theater acoustics more easily and effortlessly.
Top surface creates a system where we can answer solutions for your problem in least time possible. The criteria are to develop a repo for the customers.To not be hesitant regarding any doubts, related to home theater acoustics. Top surface aims to be the best solution provider for home theater acoustics. We just not intend to be limited to being best solutions provider in UAE but also the best home theatersolution provider in the world.
Top surface intends to deal in home theater acoustics around the word. So that our customers can enjoy a lifelong quality product for their usage in long term. The products and services are available at most affordable prices. Making the home theater acoustics purchase a pocket friendly affair.
We are liable towards our customers to provide durable goods. Along with that we provide easy available home theater acoustics solution being the best home theater acoustics solution provider inthe acoustics market. The product delivery, installation and further solution providence is what we handle throughout the course of services. It is our spatiality to make sure our customers connects to us for lifelong relationships. We value your comfort and preferences and designed our product and services accordingly.
Top surface has gained its goodwill in the market over a period of time. It sustains with the customers and remains forever as our top most priority. Hence we have keep on thriving towards a better product and service provider in terms of home theater acoustics products.
Not just that we assure you the ultimate home theater installation services. We have been dealing in home theater acoustics products over a period of time. Our motive is to assure the product quality and cater top level services.

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