At TOP SURFACE we are one of the most skilled theatre acoustic suppliers and providers in GCC. We provide you soundproof wall panels with noise reduction panels to reduce the outrage noise and echoes. We enrich your corporate appearance to your workspace with Soundproof ceiling tiles and sound absorbing panels for office to absorb noise and to give silent atmosphere to your theater rooms.

If you are looking to match your current room decor with soundproof wall panels or noise reduction panels from reducing noise barriers, Top-Surface has got your back. We offer you, a full line of acoustical foam for ceiling and wall applications, sound control tiles and acoustic ceiling to soundproof ceiling tiles for the ultimate experience in theater acoustics that one can get.

Get the best of theater acoustics supplies, solutions, and installation with Top Surface

Theater acoustics are some of the rarest products. It is hard to find the suppliers for theater acoustics that easily. Into that is even hard to look for the best theater acoustics supplier in the market. All your problems have a one-stop solution. Get to Top Surface the ultimate and best theater acoustics suppliers in the market. The TOP SURFACE is a UAE based company, as a leading supplier in theater acoustics, not just in the UAE market but all over the world.

Theater acoustics and recliner chairs suppliers

TOP SURFACE; have been thriving for a lot of years.We aim to ensure that all the theaters in the world possess the best acoustics and create a new definition of the theater world for their customers. Thus, we focus on building up a whole new scenario of perfect theater supplies in the UAE and around the world.
Along with theater acoustics, TOP SURFACE is also a pro in supplying reclinerchairs and sofas. So, we create a perfect theater ambiance for our customers. By doing this we create a one-stop solution station for you. To let you enjoy the best of theater product supplies all together and at the top quality.

Theater audio/ video solution lightening

While we deal with theater acoustics and recliner chairs, we understand that it doesn’t make a whole of theater. But there we come out with the solution as well. By letting you get the theater audio/video lightening solutions. In this way, we create a seldom way. And let you build a perfect wholesome theater at one go.

We take care of theater acoustics supplies as well as installation

Theater acoustics are not the easily available product at every market. One has to look around a bit more to make sure that the whole setup is done. Why to get it done in bits and pieces? With TOP SURFACE, you can get all your theater acoustics supplies. We offer you the recliners chairs and sofas. We set up and look out of audio/ video lightning in the theater. Not just that we are there with you till the installation of these products.
Hence you can find us throughout the journey. Anyone, who is looking for setting up a theater, can straight away come to TOP SURFACE and enjoy the packaged services. We create the wholesome arena of pre-purchase help and post-purchase help. So that making a theater is no more a nightmare for anyone.

Your acoustics solution provider

A lot of businesses in the home theater are not done just because the further complexities seem to be time taking. Theater acoustics and the relatable products are not easy to handle. They require continues approach of solution for every recurring problem. Hence, we believe that being a theater acoustic solution provider is as important as being a solution provider.
We believe a lot of doubts can be solved by just providing solutions to problems. The problems can be major or minor. If the right solutions are given at the right time, it makes a lot of things as easy as possible. Thus, finding the right solution provider for theater acousticsis also like finding a needle in the husk. Well, not to worry. When you reach out to the TOP SURFACE, we automatically get associated with you for lifelong solution providence from our side.
In this way, we make the theater acoustics market easy for not just us as a supplier but also for our customers as a buyer. At TOP SURFACE, our first priority is to think about our customers. This is why, all our products and services are also built in that way.

You find the best-reviewed products at the TOP SURFACE

TOP SURFACE, has also thrived to be one of the best suppliers of theater acoustics in UAE and around the world. Not just by saying as we have also tried our best to prove or quality. In our products and services related to theater acoustic. Let it be supplying theater acoustics, installation of theater acoustics or providing solutions for theater acoustics.
Our products and services are reviewed by our reliable customers. So that youjust go ahead with our product and services. It avails our customers around the world. To have faith in us through the reviews received. To give you a trusted comfort in doing the business with us for theater acoustics.
Thus, TOP SURFACE is among the best suppliers of theater acoustics in all variety at affordable rates. This not only simplifies a lot of things for the customers but also let us serve the customers. In the most exclusive ways possible.

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