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Engineered for superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design. Top Surface Acoustic Panel is a premium sound solution for wall and ceiling applications. Utilising the latest technology, any image or design can be recreated as a unique acoustic detail, custom panel or artwork.

An ideal alternative to fabric wrapped frames. Top Surface Acoustic Panel is light-weight, semi-rigid, impact resistant and incredibly durable, allowing interior designers to explore new horizons and break established boundaries, whilst achieving high levels of sound absorption.

Top Surface Acoustic Panel is supplied to site in sheet form that can be cut-in and framed on-site eliminating issues with on-site variations in wall size and shape that have traditionally posed problems for fabric wrapped panels manufactured and finished off-site.

Top Surface Acoustic Panel is made from 100% recyclable polyester and manufactured under Autex’s ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System. Top Surface Acoustic Panel contains a minimum of 45% post-consumer recycled material (PET bottle-flake).

Applying a sound absorbing layer to large flat surfaces can work wonders to redress any number of acoustic problems in any type of space, especially where ceiling space utilization is restricted. Hence, in order to reduce noise and control sound in any room, today, acoustic panels are put up in the walls and vertical spaces. Walls have proved to be a convenient surface on which to apply acoustic panels and products. Wall panels are also ideal for an environment where noise contamination is undesirable; in such places, sound absorbing acoustic panels absorb sound waves to limit noise, improve speech clarity and reduce reverberation in walls. Using acoustic panels essentially cleans a room of unnecessary sound debris that makes it difficult to hear a lecturer speak, enjoy beautiful music or record something clearly and accurately.

TOP SURFACE acoustic wall panels that come in a large variety of sizes, types and colors to meet your design, budget, and durability requirements, are the obvious choice for a crisp, neat and flexible system that will satisfy the design and acoustic goals for your project. We have panels suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Our acoustical wall panel systems can be availed as a complete site installed solution or as pre-fabricated panels. Besides, sound absorbing panels tend to be comparatively lighter and effective than other products and solutions. Regardless of whether you need soundproofing or sound-absorbing panels, we recommend you to consult with our acoustical panel specialists; whereby you can become aware of a large assortment of soundproofing and sound-absorbing panels for any application and get the best solution for your acoustic needs.


Key Features and Benefits

Premium acoustic performance

Offers complete design flexibility with our ability to provide custom colour printing

Available in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm thickness options

Made from 100% polyester fibre without chemical binders or retardants

Manufactured using a minimum of 45% already recycled material from post-consumer waste

Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance

Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic

Resistant to fading


High performance acoustic panel for commercial interior sound control with a sophisticated appeal

Refined acoustic surface for framed modular
office partition panelling

Suspended or direct fixed feature for ceilings

Wallcovering with exceptional absorption of reverberated noise

Functional acoustic wallcovering for retail and commercial interiors

A decorative feature with custom cut and custom printing options available