TOP SURFACE carries a large selection of Acoustic Fabrics, all carefully chosen and tested to provide the best acoustic transparency for use in acoustic wall panels and acoustic wall finishing or as speaker covers.

All of our Acoustical Fabrics have a Class A Fire Rating, which makes them perfectly suited for use in Home Theaters, Recording Studios, Band Rooms or conference rooms, auditoriums and anywhere else with noise problems. We have a wide variety of acoustic fabric that can be used to wrap acoustical panels, cover speakers and amplifiers or directly mount to a wall such as Guilford of mine, Autex, CAMIRA, Snaptex, Wallmate, Nexgen, Kvadrat, just a few of the many acoustic fabric lines we offer.

Most fabrics on the market today are decorative, not meant to be used with acoustic wall systems or sound absorbent panels. They reflect rather than absorb sound. We’ve taken the time to weed out the fabrics that won’t provide any acoustic benefits, thoroughly testing each line for consistency in acoustic performance.

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