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    Acoustics is the interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including topics such as vibration, sound, ultrasound and infra sound. A scientist who works in the field of acoustics is an acoustician while someone working in the field of acoustics technology may be called an acoustical engineer. The application of acoustics is present in almost all aspects of modern society.This is the science of controlling a room’s surfaces based on sound absorbing and reflecting properties. Excessive reverberation time, which can be calculated, can lead to poor speech intelligibility.

    Get your acoustic deals done best with best acoustic suppliers, from Top Surface

    It is hard to find the right equipment. To suit all your requirements, be it personal, professional or business. Well, not anymore. Top surface gives you the opportunity to find the exact acoustic needs with us. We are one of the best acoustic suppliers in the market. Top surface provides the premium quality; recording studio acoustic, home theater acoustics, auditorium acoustics, floor acoustics, ceiling acoustic, wall acoustics and many more.
    Top surface provides you a whole set of new experience with world class quality acoustic equipment.

    Top surface functions as a major acoustic supplier.  We have recording studio acoustics to let you record, in best clarity and quality, with recording studio acoustics. Let yourself enjoy the world class experience of sound, with home theater acoustics. Then we have auditorium acoustic to give your auditoriums a unique selling point. Along with that Top Surface leads in supplying some of the best quality; theater acoustic, floor acoustic ceiling acoustics and wall acoustics.You are not supposed to wait anymore and struggle to find the best acoustics. Come to top surface and be ready for a world class acoustic buying experience.

    Top surface believes in efficient business. Hence we tend to focus on being best suppliers of acoustics. Not just some particular acoustics but all. Top Surface is well known as recording studio acoustic suppliers, home theater acoustic supplier, auditorium acoustic supplier, theater acoustic suppliers, floor acoustic suppliers, ceiling acoustic suppliers and wall acoustic suppliers. To cater all your acoustic requirements less than one roof

    Top surface is not just limited to providing best acoustics. Top surface also provides various acoustic solutions. So you do not have to search for solutions providers elsewhere. And worry about various technical issues. We provide you situational and all types of acoustics solutions.
    We play a major role as a recording studio acoustic solution provider, home theater acoustics solution provider, auditorium acoustic solution provider, theater acoustic solution provider, floor acoustic solutions provider and ceiling acoustic solution provider. Al the acoustic solutions are provided by Top surface, with expertise.

    Worried about installing these sensitive equipment on your own? Or get paranoid of the efforts taken to find a good installer for your acoustic equipment?  Top surface understand all dimensions of your needs and demands. Therefore we provide you the installment services too.
    Top surface let you install your acoustics as, recording studio installers, home theater installer, auditorium acoustic installer, theater acoustic installer, floor acoustic installer, ceiling acoustic installers and wall acoustic installers.
    All your acoustic installments are can be done just by us. Once you reach out to Top Surface. There is nothing else left to be worried about We take in note of all your acoustic requirements. Right from acoustic equipment supplies, to acoustic solution providers and till acoustic installments. We are there with you. To serve you a high class acoustic buying experience.


    Like always TOP URFACE IS STILL RUNNING FAST ENOUGH. To cater to its customer, with all the possible acoustics related products. We have the best deals available for sound proofing wall, fabrics and that too with various brands of fabrics.

    Sound is a very important part of everybody’s life. Every kind of sound has different importance. It is a blessing altogether. But then it is also important to keep the sounds to you and get your own comfort and entertainment. Or else it becomes a noise. And then the need and requirement of sound is of no value as it as earlier.
    TOP SURFACE understands this very well. Therefore we have all the arrangements done for your sounds quality assurance and also for sound proofing. Because we believe in, making a complete package of everything. Be it acoustics or any other product of ours. Therefore we have sound proofing facilities available with us especially designed for our high quality acoustics. These sound proof equipments and setting can be done in any kind of studio and residence. That is suitable for your own accomplishments. Be it for personal use or professional use.
    TOP SURFACE provides products for sound masking as well as sound proofing. These are sound proofing panels, sound absorbing panels, sound absorbing walls, sound proofing foams. All these products are well installed or get set by us. To make your studious, theater and home theaters sound proofs. These products look lightweight, stylish and very handy. They are installed in a way that accomplishes the beauty of surrounding. In terms of looks and feels you get from the sound. Thus the sound proofing panels, sound absorbing panels, sound proofing walls are there to serve our customers. With a sound proof environment, to let them enjoy the maximum and the minimum sounds.

    Acoustic fabrics are critically important to establish the overall quality of acoustics. This fabric quality decides the real feel of sound on an overall basis. These are the whole set of variety of acoustic fabric available with TOP SURFACE. We are one of the leading companies in world. For most efficient acoustics supplies, we create a pathway for you. To endure the facility of best of acoustic fabrics at the least prizes possible.
    There are acoustic fabrics for every kind of requirements from the people. We have stretched fabric wall systems too. With that we are also one of the leading suppliers of stretched fabric wall system. Now let us help you make your walls sound proof with our stretched fabric wall system.
    Acoustics foams are considered one of best options for sound proofing. TOP SURFCE is the best of quality acoustic foam suppliers in the world. We cater to the customer with the finest acoustic foam for their walls. To make it sound proof in the best ways possible. The fabrics we use to provide. In the sound proofing panels and walls are also of the finest quality. For which we use the best of fabric brands available in the market. The top brands always preferred for fabrics by us. Are; Guilford of Maine, Autex, Auralex, Camira, Kvadrat, Nexgen, Sontex, Snap tex and Wallmate.
    With that we also have fabric wrapped acoustic panels. These panels are highly soundproof and one of their kind. Fabric wrapped acoustics panels are available with us. Along with the wood wool wrapping of BAUX brand. Thus keeping every quality as premium as possible for you. To enjoy best of acoustic panels with most sound proofing strength. Acoustic fabrics with best of brands
    Acoustic fabrics aren’t that easy to find. Even if you get them, it is hard to look upon the best quality for your sound proofing requirements. Be Fabric wrapped acoustic panel. The fabrics we use to provide. In the sound proofing panels and walls are also of the finest quality. For which we use the best of fabric brands available in the market. The top brands always preferred for fabrics by us. Are; Guilford of Maine, Autex, Auralex, Camira, Kvadrat, Nexgen, Sontex, Snap tex and Wallmate. These brands fabric are only used in our sound proofing walls and panels. To make your sound proof settings, of premium quality, these brands are chosen because they are best. Thus we ensure that our base is only strong. Therefore e choose brands like; Guilford of Maine, Autex, Auralex, Camira, Kvadrat, Nexgen, Sontex, Snap tex and Wallmate. We endure into the best of sound proofing fabrics. Thus we create the everlasting sound proof technology and products for our customers. We always keep looking forward. It doesn’t satisfy us. In that way always assure the finest qualities.
    In the end we don’t believe in doing business. But in maintaining the quality and winning trust of our customers for lifetime. Therefore we keep trying hard every time. To make it the best of our products, that is sold to any of our customers.


    TOP SURFACE is one of the leading companies that is now for its acoustics supplies. But there are various specially designed services as well. Which make our acoustics business a fully fledged business. Where we target the maximum comfort for our customers and for this we keep in mind all aspects.

    There can be enormous amount of doubts and thoughts regarding every technology or machinery you get for yourself. Although one might have a lot of understanding while getting acoustics for personal or professional use. But one can’t have all the knowledge at all the times. In that case several questions appear. Whether you will be okay handling the equipments you have bought? Do you exactly need this kind of equipments only? And many more in the future time as well. Here you need appropriate

    Atthis point if you can get the right consultation for deciding what kind of acoustics will exactly suit your needs. What are the specifications of the particular acoustics, to make is work better for you.
    Hence TOP SURFACE brings you the best of acoustic consultation services. For all your queries and doubts related to acoustics. Just contact TOP SURFACE and we will consult you the right way. In that way we assure that the acoustics consultation services. Make it easy for you.

    Building a theater of any place that needs lot of installation of acoustics? Great let’s get going then, TOP SURFACE is one of the leading brand name. As the acoustics contractors, we take contract projects of places and areas where acoustics are required in bulk. Then right from supplyingit till installing and providing further solutions as well. We are always there for you.
    We are the contactors of acoustics with ethics and quality assurance. We provide the best quality of acoustics, at most affordable rates. Within the timeline we are expected to do so. Hence we hate to make our customers wait. Our acoustic contractor services are exclusively available. InUAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya. These are countries.

    TOP SURFACE doesn’t believe in selling a product. It does not have enough knowledge of. We have always thrives to be the expert in our field. Therefore we keep our self acknowledged with every information update related to world of acoustics. Thus we call ourselves the acoustic experts of the world. To let our customers enjoy all the acoustics services they wish for.
    Not just limited to being an expert. We are more than that. We create a channel of acoustics supplies for you. Any type of acoustics you need. Come to us and we will provide you the best one. At the best prize possible. Thus we not only become the acoustic suppliers.
    We have been providing acoustic solutions in UAE for decades. Thus we have created a benchmark for our own services. I he field of being acoustics solutions provider. Along with that the acoustic solution provider service are exclusively available be us. In UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya.

    We inculcate the acoustics and get you the best of deals for acoustics. We are also the best acousticengineers. We get you a world class engineering services to your doorsteps. To let you enjoy the quick solutions for your problem. Where you are not required struggling to look around somewhere else. I this way we create a channel. And we certainly work on them within no time. An acoustics supply, as acoustic dealers isnot just our bread and butter business.We look at acoustic dealing as an opportunity to stand out of market. Every time we do some acoustic dealer deal. So that even if we are not able to serve our customers again and again. We remain in the memories of our customers for lifetime.
    Also it is not easy to get acoustic engineers everywhere. It becomes difficult to get the most appropriate solutions. When there are not enough experiencedacoustic engineers. At TOP SURFACE, we have the most experienced acoustics engineers, who have mastered the art of acoustics repairs. This is to ensure that you get a world class services with us. And you can have a smooth continuation in enjoying acoustics services.We also do acoustic insulations. We insulate the best of quality in acoustics. To make the acoustics a world class product.
    It all is done to create a platform. Where you get whatever you need related to acoustics. We give solutions and repairing services as acoustic engineers and insulations. Acoustics can be found at different suppliers. But we assure a promise of quality and to stay with you in long term. Therefore the acoustic business is not a business for us but an emotion. And we have always thrived to be the best in it.


    Proper acoustic treatment can transform a muddy sounding room with poor mid range definition and erratic bass response into a room with clear, tight sound and is a pleasure to work and listen in. Without effective acoustic treatment, it is difficult to hear what you’re doing, making you work much harder to create a good mix.

    We provide all types of absorbers and diffusers to make your recording studio as you desired


    Home cinema, also called home theater refers to home entertainment audio-visual systems that seek to reproduce a movie theater experience and mood using consumer electronics-grade video and audio equipment.

    For many people looking to improve their entertainment at home, the first goal is creating a more exciting TV- and movie-watching experience. A home theater system attempts to replicate the commercial movie-watching experience in your own home.


    The auditorium, as a place for listening developed from the classical open-air theaters. An auditorium includes any room intended for listening to music including theaters, churches, classrooms, meeting halls.

    The design of various types of auditoriums has become a complex problem, because in addition to its various, sometimes conflicting, aesthetics, functional, technical, artistic and economical requirements, an auditorium often has to accommodate an unprecedentedly large audience.


    Theatre acoustics are key factors in creating memorable entertainment experiences. Top Surface provides acoustical designs to commercial cinemas and theatres to help ensure captivating performing arts events, movies, and multi-media presentations from the cinema screen and theatre stage.

    We provide services to perform at arts centers, community theatres, commercial movie theatres, recital halls, amphitheatres, cinema complexes etc.


    Top Surface provides a range of specialist acoustic suspended ceilings, that are designed to acoustically enhance the overall separating floor construction. With high levels of sound insulation, correct acoustic ceiling system and with appropriate acoustic floor system.

    We offer attractive and hard wearing tufted carpet tiles in various pile constructions and textures, designed to deliver specific aesthetic and performance benefits.


    Our experienced and dedicated team, outstanding acoustic systems and comprehensive technical back up, provide a complete service from design through to installation, including guaranteed acoustic solutions, on-site testing by independent acousticians and a full certification service.