TOP SURFACE carries a large selection of Acoustic Underlay, all carefully chosen and tested to provide the best acoustic underlay. We have a wide variety of acoustic underlay that can be used as acoustical insulation solution such as Regupol, Kraiburg, Airstep, pliteq, tunex, Dunlop, Prime lay just a few of the many acoustic underlay we offer.

  • Brilliant noise insulation with a low panel thickness
  • Outstanding compression strength and load-bearing performance
  • Permanently elastic
  • Highest resiliency even after years of use (does not compress and reduce sound absorption)
  • Very low emission
  • Very environment-friendly, recycled rubber can be recycled again
  • Fast and easy installation Eliminates hollow clicking sounds and reverberations (floor to ceiling noise) under hard flooring
  • May be used for glue-down applications (glued to the sub floor and/or to the flooring above)
  • Good heat transmission, ideal for use with underfloor heating/cooling systems

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