Blocking sound may require more than a single product to efficiently soundproof a room. In addition to installing a sound barrier material, any seams, gaps and doors need to be sealed. When sound is seeping into or out of a room, doors & windows are quite often the problem. They may not have enough density or mass to block the transmission of airborne sound. Additionally, if not sealed correctly, even a 1% opening or gap will allow half of the sound energy to pass through. To help solve these issues, TOP SURFACE acoustical solutions supplies a variety of door and window accessories like acoustic underlay, acoustic wedges, to seal air gaps. We offer a line of high quality, soundproof doors and windows panels that deliver superior performance and maximum sound reduction. Installing TOP SURFACE acoustic solutions will ensure a soundproof wall construction is properly reinforced to block airborne noise. We also provide a variety of door seal kits, acoustical doors seals and window seal kits to reduce sound leakage around existing doors or windows.

These are available for use in a wide array of public and private spaces including Offices, Conference Rooms, Home Entertainment, Home Theatre Music rooms, Auditoriums, Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing, Broadcast and Recording Studios, Theatres.

Our solutions for acoustic Doors and Windows are specifically engineered for durability and carry excellent sound transmission loss ratings and are precisely designed to meet the soundproofing requirements for architectural, industrial, security applications. Soundproof doors and windows can be supplied as fully factory assembled and are also available with a variety of standard and custom options that provide the most thorough door soundproofing.

Door seals can reduce the sound and air transferred through entryways by tightly lining the perimeter of doors.