Mass Loaded Vinyl

Things you need to know about vinyl acoustics!

You have probably come across Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), also known as Limp Mass Barrier if you are looking into soundproofing. For years, this substance has been a staple in soundproofing. Because of its elastic and limp nature, it is extremely efficient. Because it is such an effective material for DIY soundproofing and is also used commercially, it is most commonly utilized in homes and private studios.


Some people may even use it to cover the interior of their automobile to reduce road noise. This miraculous sound barrier was first proposed as a safer and less harmful alternative to lead sheeting. It’s become one of the most prominent acoustic solutions on the market as a better alternative.


How does it work?

This substance, which is made up of limp vinyl and heavy Barium Sulfate or Calcium Silicate, blends these components to make an excellent sound barrier. The sand or salt compounds add weight and density to the vinyl, causing it to weigh a pound per square foot. The unique mix of weight and flexibility of MLV aids in reducing the intensification of sound waves as they pass through it.

 How MLV is used? 

MLV is used to add bulk to surfaces, dampen and absorb sound, as the name suggests.

  1. Drown-out loud neighbors: Whether the noise is coming from above or outside, MLV may be used to add bulk and drown it out. MLV is most commonly used for this purpose. It is used to reduce noise between floors, ceilings, and walls. Make sure to not push it between drywall and plywood surfaces since this will reduce its flexibility, which is essential for noise cancellation.
  2. Mute your appliances: You may use MLV to line any loud equipment or devices in your homes, such as an air conditioner or dishwasher. It’s not usually the most appropriate material to work with, but it looks great when exposed to appliances.
  3. Control car sound: Anyone who values excellent audio in their automobile, or at the very least can’t bear the road noise from driving on the highway, would profit from insulating their vehicle with MLV.

Where to buy MLV? 

MLV is available for purchase online from several sources, but Top Surface has a large assortment of limp mass barriers. We deliver world-class engineering services to your doorsteps so you may experience speedy answers to your problems. We have been providing noise reduction solution in UAE for decades. As a result, we have established a standard for our services. For all of your acoustic needs, come to Top Surface.

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