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Acoustic Foam Panel introduction by Top Surface Building Materials Trading LLC


Raised access floorings are basically as a structure of panels and supports that create a raised floor above the original structural floor. It is done to raise the floor up, and create a space in between the raised floor and the building structural floor where various items like wiring for power, voice, and data can be planted or plumbing lines can be located. As a result, raised floors with underfloor service distribution have become standard solutions in commercial and in many cases residential constructions today.

TOP SURFACE supplied Raised Access Floor systems provide an effective solution to these type of requirements, while delivering the best performance and  benefits in improving the indoor environment.Our products and solutions provide you complete peace of mind and sustainable returns by reduction in energy consumption and material use, and at the same time prove highly cost effective in comparison to traditional construction material.

Raised access flooring can be very easy to take care of in terms of maintenance. Let our tailor-made solutions take care of your project and offer you the bliss of quality product at the most cost-effective rates.