With flooring being such a big part of your new project, it’s hard to deny that if you use vinyl, you are going to save quite some money than if you go with other flooring. The product, finishing mouldings and the installation together will likely save you a good amount of money. Vinyl flooring has also come a long way in terms of its look and feel. Vinyl is one of the easiest flooring materials to install. You can have a new floor that transforms the look of your home in a matter of hours. It is changing the way people buy flooring and it will definitely continue to grow and increase popularity over the next several years. Experts are calling it “the future of flooring”.

TOP SURFACE’ vinyl flooring is available in numerous colours and patterns. From the look of rich stone flooring to elegant hardwood floors, vinyl will give your home a beautiful  aesthetic appeal. Vinyl flooring is neat and comfortable, is easy to install and convenient to lay. It doesn’t chip or crack making it a good durable flooring option. Vinyl flooring is stain-resistant, hence making it easy to clean and maintain. You’ll love the feel of it when you walk around your home. It’s resistant to cold in the winter so your toes aren’t freezing when the temperature drops. It’s also a soft, flexible material — perfect for kids to play on.

Our state of the art vinyl products are taking the flooring world by storm and are suitable for both residential and light commercial interior applications. Planks can be installed over a variety of sub floor surfaces including concrete on all grade levels, wood and many existing hard surface floors.

TOP SURFACE offers vinyl flooring available in a lovely range of colours to suit your decor plan. Whichever colour you buy, you can rest easy knowing each of our vinyl options includes a warranty, giving you extra peace of mind without extra costs.

Ready to buy vinyl flooring with TOP SURFACE? Order some samples of our customer favourites. We are proud to offer a beautiful selection of vinyl flooring solutions at our incredibly competitive prices.


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