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Auditorium Acoustics

Auditorium acoustics needs to be perfect. There should be no unwanted reflections within the room. Quality auditorium acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling tiles coupled with Top- Surface state of the art solutions are used for making the auditorium free from unwanted reverberations. Poor acoustics in the hall or auditorium space can lead to undesirable ambience with lower quality sounds and reflected sound coming from all directions and it gets difficult to follow and understand.

To satisfy the unique demands of auditorium acoustics which range from theatrical performances, concerts, speeches, assemblies and public gatherings a well implemented solution has to be provided. We at TOP SURFACE, understand the customer needs and provide auditorium architects, facilities managers and technical directors the right acoustic products to shape and design spaces for optimal acoustical performance of the auditorium. And all this at the most economic rates that bring you value for money and complete peace of mind.

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