Magnetise-Bonded Wood Wool Acoustic Panel with excellent sound absorption and aesthetic finishes consists of one layer of 25mm thick x 600mm x 1200mm Natural Tone Superfine 1mm wood fibers panel with AK-01 bevelled edges on all 4 sides, fixed on galvanised track and studs along the wall, size 75mm x 0.60mm thick, studs spaced at 600mm c/c and infill with 50mm thick x 60kg/m3 mineral wool or as required to attain the minimum sound absorption. Our wood wool acoustic panels are suitable for reverberation which has effectively in convention centers/exhibition halls, sporting venues, cinemas, schools, churches and recording studios.

  • 100% Natural Material with exquisite surface structure.
  • Sustainability and Building Biology Safe as it contains only wood, water and magnetise.
  • Magnetise as a natural ideal binding agent protects wood fibers and reserves their elasticity´╝î ideal against ageing and wood fibers are less brittle, compared with cement-bonded wood wool panels.
  • Acoustically effective, excellent sound absorption performance.
  • Suitable for environments with a relative air humidity up to 90%, very good regulation of climate in the room.
  • Environmental Declaration according to Intertek
  • Fire Rated A2 according to SGS testing report
  • Low dust emission during cutting unlike cement-bonded panels.
  • Easy to cut to exact sharp edges or beveled edges (fibers do not break brittle).
  • Easy to align during installation due to very exact panel dimensions.
  • Exact laying patterns for square shaped panels (all 4 panel comers meet each other in one point).
  • Ideal acoustic panels for area within building that require very good sound absorption, for example, Indoor Sports Hall, Multi-Purpose Hall, Band Rooms, Music Rooms, Dance Studio, PAL Rooms, Schools, Restaurants etc.

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