Why Does Your Home Cinema Need Acoustic Treatment?

Your home theater is being planned, and you’ve chosen the ideal screen and surround sound setup to bring your favorite films and TV shows to life. However, you risk losing value if you don’t place this equipment in an appropriate listening location. Even high-end speakers will sound uneven and washed out in an untreated or unsoun dproofed space. Continue reading to find out why soundproofing and acoustic solutions in Kenny are crucial components of home theater installation.

Acoustic Treatment

You may have heard that acoustics are crucial in a home cinema room, but what exactly are they? Acoustics is the study of how sound affects its surroundings. Your voice would echo, for instance, if you spoke in a room with empty tile flooring. You would speak much more quietly and over a shorter distance if you were in a room with soft carpet, comfortable chairs, and heavy drapes.

As you can see, your home theater’s furnishings, walls, and flooring impact how the sound affects you. For your surround sound speakers to function optimally, acoustic treatments must be a crucial component of the home theater design and installation.

Installing hanging or freestanding acoustic panels that fit in with or provide a pop of color to your home cinema acoustic is one method. We advise dealing with an installation specialist to guarantee that they are installed properly to avoid reflections and dead spots. To be sure that your surround sound works as it should, a professional will develop a unique layout specifically for your space and conduct acoustic tests


You should consider various factors while designing a dedicated private home theater, including the room’s acoustics. Additional sound effects might impact your experience. Consider soundproofing your theater room if it’s next to a family member’s bedroom so that the sound from your movies and TV shows won’t keep them up at night. However, you might want to avoid having outside noises interfere with your home cinema experience.

This is best achieved in the early phases of a home theater installation by employing different isolation techniques and dampening barriers between the house structure and the floors and walls of the room, depending on whether you want one sound treatment or both. Sound & Theater may construct dampening barriers and add walls, flooring, and ceiling to an existing space to get the desired effect. After that, the sound in your home theater has to be adjusted, the audio should be confined, and outside disturbances should be quieted.


Working with a home theater system specialist will help you improve your at-home entertainment options. Contact us here to speak with a specialist right now about acoustic blankets.

Know the importance of soundproofing at the workplace!

Noise can be annoyingly disturbing in the office, and many of us are unaware of how it impacts our productivity and morale. This invariably leads to workplace issues, which can cost you or your business time and money. As acoustic consultants and contractors, we at Top Surface have compiled a list of some of the most strong reasons to insulate your workstation or office.

  1. Increased productivity: It is straightforward. You can achieve and sustain a state of flow more easily, faster, and for longer when you are not distracted. This indicates that your mind can remain concentrated on the subject at hand without getting distracted or losing attention. This allows your originality to come through, allowing you to confidently present your ideas.
  2. Health benefits: Workplace noise can produce weariness and aggressiveness as well as a lowered immunological response. The intricacy of the activities being performed might cause workers to become more stressed, which can lead to more errors, frustration, and even injury. Noise reduction in the workplace is connected to lower stress and more employee satisfaction, which leads to fewer accidents and higher productivity.
  3. Happier workforce: Employees who are not constantly flooded with noise are happier and more likely to enjoy their occupations while still achieving their working objectives. Employees are more likely to take pleasure in their job and feel good about their contributions if they have a workstation that caters to their demand for peaceful, creative expression. Their output and overall well-being will automatically rise as their energy levels rise.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

With our economical soundproofing and acoustic equipment, you can minimize the noise in your workstation or office. We offer everything that you need, from mass-loaded vinyl sheets to acoustic ceiling panels, to complete the task on even the tightest budgets. Whether you are beginning from fresh or renovating an existing space, our online store has all the soundproofing equipment you will need.

Good acoustics remove distracting background noises, providing workers with the environment they need to do their daily tasks comfortably and on time. Our goods are adaptable and inexpensive for any budget, and we have the expertise to assist you in finding what you want exactly for your office or workspace.

We provide a variety of acoustic choices in addition to offering the best acoustics to allow you to work comfortably at home. As a consequence, you won’t need to go elsewhere for solutions. Also, be worried about a wide range of technology issues. Situational, and all varieties of acoustics goods, like acoustic underlay, hardwood acoustic panels, acoustic fabric panels, and more, are available from us.


Are you planning to soundproof your home – know the correct spots!

Soundproofing your home is an excellent strategy to decrease unwanted noise from both inside and outside the property. Noise from outside the house and reverberations from huge appliances might be more bothersome than you realize. With things like acoustic panels, fabric, and other materials, you can increase the sound quality within your house in a variety of ways. So, let’s look at some of the areas in the home where acoustic installation might be beneficial.

Acoustic Fabric

  1. Flooring: Soundproofing your floors is a great technique to reduce noise in your house. It’s especially useful if you live in a block of apartments with noisy neighbors. WPC decking, hardwood flooring, rubber flooring, carpet flooring, vinyl flooring, and elevated access flooring are just a few of the useful alternatives available on the market.
  2. Walls: You will gain quiet and restore some sanity to your home by soundproofing your walls. Modern soundproofing techniques like drywall, acoustic fabrics, insulation, and others not only decrease exterior noise but also guard against water and air penetration, keeping the house warmer in the winter and cool in the summer.
  3. Doors and windows: They can produce a lot of noise if they are repeatedly opened and closed. Noise can creep in from beneath and around the frame while a door is closed. But don’t worry, mass-loaded vinyl can also address this problem. This material is easy to install and may improve the look of any door.

Making sure your house is effectively insulated is a terrific method to improve sound quality while also enhancing its efficiency. Insulation in older properties is likely to have been degraded because of water damage, small animals, and temperature variations over time. As a preliminary step, any damaged insulation should be replaced and any leaking should be thoroughly sealed. You’re ready to move on to the above points after any concerns have been resolved.

These are just a handful of the ways you may improve your home’s sound quality. Your family will benefit from a more pleasant environment at home, which will lead to better sleep and a healthier environment overall. Get in touch with Top Surface, here you can get all sorts of soundproofing products. From acoustic felt panels to acoustic blankets and sound masking we have all. For us, the acoustic industry is more of an emotion than a business. We’ve always strived to be the finest in our field.


Acoustics in improving the patient’s experience!

Noise appears to be inescapable in a medical setting. Selecting the appropriate noise reduction solution may assist in keeping a calm atmosphere for patients. Noise seems to permeate every inch of the institution, with machines whirring, patients conversing, nurses passing down the hallway, and procedures going place. Working at a hospital prepares you for how to tune things out over time. Patients, on the other hand, do not have that luxury. Excessive noise isn’t only bothersome; it may also make it difficult to recuperate.

Impact on patients recovery by hospital acoustic design:

When you are anxious, it feels like anything might trigger you. Hospitals, unfortunately, are full of unpleasant noises. Some are abrupt, while others have a steady background hum. Shouts, slamming doors, creaking trolleys, and buzzing phones all add to the continual background noise, and each one needs distinct acoustic methods to effectively alleviate it.

Acoustic Fabric panels

Every medical practitioner understands that stress has a bad influence on one’s health. When a patient is attempting to recover from an accident or sickness, being stressed all of the time might make the recovery process take longer. If the patient is not in a pleasant atmosphere, their condition might worsen. As a result, the importance of acoustics in hospitals should not be underestimated.

Unfortunately, most hospital acoustic regulations do not include insulating the whole structure. However, various adjustments to your facility can be made, whether during the building period or beyond, that will increase staff and patients’ comfort. The best hospitals go above and above to promote patient comfort by employing a variety of soundproofing and acoustic treatments.

A decent selection of health care acoustic fabric panels can significantly reduce background noise in a place, and they are available in several colors and even bleachable materials, making them perfect for hospitals and physicians’ offices. Patients may rest and heal in a more calm setting without the continual buzz of telephones and machines.

Wrapping up:

Top Surface offers a variety of soundproofing devices, such as a sound masking system, that may reduce the amount of stress caused on patients by minimizing both echo and noise going through the walls of your facility. Our team of professionals has provided smart solutions to different health care institutions, as well as retail outlets, workplaces, recording studios, auditoriums, and other important enterprises around the UAE. Contact us now to see how we can help you minimize the noise in your health care facility.


Things you need to know about vinyl acoustics!

You have probably come across Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), also known as Limp Mass Barrier if you are looking into soundproofing. For years, this substance has been a staple in soundproofing. Because of its elastic and limp nature, it is extremely efficient. Because it is such an effective material for DIY soundproofing and is also used commercially, it is most commonly utilized in homes and private studios.


Some people may even use it to cover the interior of their automobile to reduce road noise. This miraculous sound barrier was first proposed as a safer and less harmful alternative to lead sheeting. It’s become one of the most prominent acoustic solutions on the market as a better alternative.


How does it work?

This substance, which is made up of limp vinyl and heavy Barium Sulfate or Calcium Silicate, blends these components to make an excellent sound barrier. The sand or salt compounds add weight and density to the vinyl, causing it to weigh a pound per square foot. The unique mix of weight and flexibility of MLV aids in reducing the intensification of sound waves as they pass through it.

 How MLV is used? 

MLV is used to add bulk to surfaces, dampen and absorb sound, as the name suggests.

  1. Drown-out loud neighbors: Whether the noise is coming from above or outside, MLV may be used to add bulk and drown it out. MLV is most commonly used for this purpose. It is used to reduce noise between floors, ceilings, and walls. Make sure to not push it between drywall and plywood surfaces since this will reduce its flexibility, which is essential for noise cancellation.
  2. Mute your appliances: You may use MLV to line any loud equipment or devices in your homes, such as an air conditioner or dishwasher. It’s not usually the most appropriate material to work with, but it looks great when exposed to appliances.
  3. Control car sound: Anyone who values excellent audio in their automobile, or at the very least can’t bear the road noise from driving on the highway, would profit from insulating their vehicle with MLV.

Where to buy MLV? 

MLV is available for purchase online from several sources, but Top Surface has a large assortment of limp mass barriers. We deliver world-class engineering services to your doorsteps so you may experience speedy answers to your problems. We have been providing noise reduction solution in UAE for decades. As a result, we have established a standard for our services. For all of your acoustic needs, come to Top Surface.

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