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Because we learn that it is important to look where we are stepping and Top Surface Trading offers hundreds of floor dressing options for you to choose from.
Top Surface Trading is here to supply our clients the flooring solutions they might required. We cover every phase of the commercial flooring life cycle, from sub floors to product selection and installation all the way through reclamation.
Top Surface Trading and team are proud to present the perfect innovative designs for any types of flooring and all at great deals, from top manufacturers from Europe, USA, Canada, and Asia. And with professional and experienced team to help you install the flooring you will select.

Make Your Flooring Look Extravagant with TOP SURFACE

Get your floor a rejuvenated experience with TOP SURFACE. We provide a whole variety of flooring; WPC Decking, Hard Wood Flooring, Rubber Flooring, Carpet Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, and Raised Access Flooring. These whole varieties of floorings are available at TOP SURFACE. In that way we serve you with top class flooring to let you enjoy the best of flooring experiences.

The Variety Is Mind Blowing

Why to waste your time while keep searching for the more option? We have WPC Decking, hard wood flooring, Rubber Flooring, Carpet Flooring, Raised Access Flooring and Vinyl flooring. So that whatever is your requirement you can get a better option available for it. TOP SURFACEhas always made sure that the quality of its products shall never be compromised at any cost.It is because we understand the value of customer’s faith in us,we believe in long term association with our customers for a lifetime. So that once you chose any flooring services at TOP SURFACE you come back to us again and again. Hence, to sustain in the market, profit making is our second priority first priority is always maximum customer satisfaction.

We Value Your Trust

The flooring let it be; WPC Decking, Rubber flooring, Caret Flooring, Hard Wood flooring, Raised Access Flooring and Vinyl Flooring we have always tried to maintain high standards for our products. Thus, we have the best of reviews for every type of flooring available with us.
Therefore, we design and make them in such a way so it sustains for lifetime. And the product itself creates a mark of goodwill for us. Hence, we supply the variety of WPC Decking, Hard Wood floorings, Rubber Flooring, Carpet Flooring. Raised Access Flooring and Vinyl Flooring. All these variety are available with top quality. Our flooring contractors’ services are exclusively available in countries like; UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya.

The Deal Is inThe Detail

TOP SURFACE has always paid more attention on the specifications of its products. It is our priority to ensure that you not only get a whole variety or a cost-effective product but the specification which you get within our flooring shall be rare.
Unlike the other companies, we justnot only focus on the fact that what our customers will want. Be it;WPC Decking supplies, hard wood Flooring supplies, Vinyl flooring supplies, Raised Access Flooring supplies, Rubber flooring supplies and carpet flooring supplies. We want to ensure that whatever type of flooring you buy at TOP SURFACE it shall have great specifications in the product which you will find unique from rest of the vendors.
Not just that we also believe in scope of improvement each day. We keep trying to be extraordinary in the context of the products we supply. And we are sure that you’ll always praise your decision of choosing us to serve as your flooring suppliers.
At TOP SURFACE we ensure that each and every product and services of us is exactly what our target customers ever dreamt of. This motivates us to fulfill your expectations and provide you the world class flooring experience.

The Installer and The Solution Providers

TOP SURFACE provides services like installation of different floorings. We do WPC Decking installation, hardwood Installation, Carpet flooring installation, Rubber flooring installation, Raised Access flooring installation, and Vinyl flooring installation etc. This is how we create a whole cycle of products and services right at your doorsteps. The flooring installations for WPC Decking, vinyl floorings, hard wood floorings, Raised Access floorings, and carpet floorings etc. Now we let you enjoy the best of flooring experiences right when you buy it.
This particular thought of giving fully fledged solutions to our customers has made us initiate a whole cycle of product and services.
Flooring solutions is also another aspect of our services. We provide flooring solutions for all types of floorings variety;WPC decking solutions, Hard Wood Flooring solutions, Vinyl Flooring Solutions etc. You just name the problem and we will be ready with the exact flooring solutions. TOP SURFACE has mastered the art of flooring solutions for you.
We have always tried to keep it a complete package of product and services. We never leave our customers abandoned for any further issues. All you need to do is that get associated with us once rest is always taken care of with our experts. On the other hand, to make our customers sustain with us for a lifetime. We have always kept the prices lower than others. Not just to beat the competition but also to do an honest business with the least of expectations. Be it our flooring installation services or our flooring solutions services. We always try to keep the quality high and prices low. Even for raised access flooring installation, carpet flooring installation, Vinyl flooring installation, rubber flooring installation, hard wood flooring installation WPC Decking etc.
Now what are you waiting for. Come to us and let us have the opportunity to serve you. With best of; floorings supplies, installation and solutions.

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